Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge – Sign

Sue W and GC are the hosts of Weekly Prompts

“Signposts are our intuition asking inner wisdom to be set free.” ~ Kami Guildner.

This week GC and my Wednesday Challenge is the word Sign.

Its presence or occurrence indicates the probable presence or occurrence of something else.

A gesture or action used to convey information or instruction.

Perhaps you’d prefer to use the word Signpost – a physical sign giving information.

How you choose to translate the challenge is entirely up to you; please interpret in any way you wish – Words, Pictures, Poetry or Rhyme. 

Please tag #Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge.


Directions, when expressed by the GPS as north, south, east or west totally confuse me. Even living in Seattle for five years ( off and on) I could never get the hang of how my GPS would describe the route.

Can you imagine how funny I looked when holding my phone in my hand I’d walk first in one direction and then in the opposite and see where the dot ( that was me) was moving in respect to where I was supposed to go. I’d cross the road only to realize that I needed to go in the opposite direction! I used to laugh so much when I told my daughter how I reached my destination that day.

I try to see the landmarks and remember which way I am supposed to go from them. AND I am never shy to ask for directions, but I ask them to tell me by telling me if I needed to go right or left. I guess this is because I grew up before things like GPS were in use. We would take a good look at the route we were taking and remember it.

Look out for the signs 
Ask for directions and
Don’t fell shy admitting when lost

No one is all knowing, always right
Admit that you can make mistakes like others
Only then you will be able to correct your direction




37 thoughts on “Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge – Sign

  1. I have lived my whole life being lost and found out two years ago there is a reason – dyscalculia (kind of like dyslexia but has to do with spatial skills, some math, and sequential directions) . good news is that people who have this also have a stronger literacy side to their brain)

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  2. GPS tends to confuse me at times too. And just like you, when I move, I get to know that I’m going in the opposite direction and then I correct my course. That’s a beautiful poem. I loved the last line in particular. Unless we accept the mistakes, we won’t get to correct our course. Beautifully written

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  3. I’m hopeless at directions. I once directed my husband over 100 km in the wrong direction before I realised my error 😊


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