Weekly Prompts – Colour Challenge Trichromatic

Sue W is the host of Weekly Prompt

“The soul becomes dyed with the colour of its thoughts.” ~ Marcus Aurelius

This weekend is our Weekly Prompts monthly Colour Challenge and for July my partner GC and I have chosen Trichromatic!

Trichromatic: Relating to the use of three colours or being the theory that human colour vision involves three types of retinal sensory receptors.

How you choose to translate our flexible challenge is entirely up to you; please interpret in any way you wish – Words, Pictures, Poetry or Rhyme.

Please tag #Weekly Prompts Colour Challenge.

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If happy thoughts could color your world in rainbow hues

Like joyous unicorns we could revel in their glory

The aura would change to shades of blue when we would be thoughtful

Or turn bright red when we were moved to anger

As a warning, people would be careful around us

When feeling love or loved, beautiful pink aura engulfed us

How easy it would be to know what we’re feeling or thinking

Nobody would hurt others by uttering thoughtless comments

For our state of mind would be visible for all to see




29 thoughts on “Weekly Prompts – Colour Challenge Trichromatic

  1. No more privacy though. Especially those that struggle with mental illness… I think that would open up them to ridicule. Because unfortunately not everyone is kind and understanding.

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