Share Your World- July 5, 2021

Melanie is the host of SYW


Is there inherent order in nature or is it all chaos and chance?

I feel that nature is the most organized machine in the universe. Some things that feel chaotic to us are a part of the bigger plan. From birth to death and rebirth everything is meticulously coded in the basic units of nature. The only unpredictable element in nature is the man! Human beings are the ones creating chaos because we act arrogantly and without thought to how it will affect other creatures around us.

What is infinity?

Infinity is endlessness! It’s how we feel when we are trapped in a boring situation or with a person we would rather not be with!

Does observation alter an event?

Like “a watched kettle never boils”? Scientifically this has not been proved! If someone tells you that it’s true, don’t believe them.

Do you like balloons?

I like them, especially the helium-filled ones. When any of my grandkids have a birthday, we get loads of balloons for them. One day I’d love to travel in a hot air balloon!

GRATITUDE SECTION (as always optional)

Yesterday was America’s Birthday, does your country celebrate a “Founder’s Day” or other traditions like that?

We do celebrate Independence Day on 14th of August. It’s the day when the British left the subcontinent of India, dividing it into two countries, Pakistan and India. There was a lot of unwarranted bloodshed for months following this event and many families suffered horrendous losses. We remember the sacrifices of those people and pledge to do better for our country.

On a side note, today is my 36th wedding anniversary! It’s been quite a journey and I am grateful for all the blessings that have been bestowed on us as a family.




42 thoughts on “Share Your World- July 5, 2021

  1. Thank you Sadje for Sharing Your World! It’s always been a dream trip of mine to ride in a hot air balloon too! ❤ Great minds do think alike! ☺ I think a balloon is a tiny bit of fun left in the world, and I'm glad you share that with your family too! Many happy wishes for your anniversary! That's a lovely thing to celebrate! And you have all your family with you to do so, so I'm sure it's even more special! I'll have to remember the date of your country's independence! Those wars were terrible, but brought some great things with them at the end. Have a great week!

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    1. Thanks a lot Melanie! Great questions this week , as usual. I hope one day we both can get our wish fulfilled by riding in a hot aid balloon. I hope you have a great week too.


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