The Snifty Seluth – My detection

Although Rory has solved the mystery for us all, I made my own investigations and wrote this post a few weeks ago. I am publishing this post, because…… I put a lot of effort into it and it may amuse you all!

Rory has set this mystery for us to solve. All the narration is by Kristian

The Characters

Miss Lucinda Marbles – An Old lady who pokes her nose into everything and is a resident of the Luxury Care home for Former Sleuths. 

Former Lieutenant Stanley MumboJumbo – A retired police detective and another resident of the above.

Miss Vanessa Fisher – A former crime fiction writer who is now another resident of the above. 

Doctor Whatsup, – A former sidekick to Skylark Haymes who had been a resident but has now died. 

Ercool Parrot – A continental type who has just been admitted as a new resident of the home. 

David Snodgrass – The new owner of the Home who plans to make changes. 

Matron Emily Pushover – The old owner of the home who used to allow things that are now forbidden under the new regime. 

Miss Melon – A friend of Ercool Parrot who along with Captain Haslet has recently put her former employer, Ercool Parrot, into a home. 

Captain Haslet.  – See above. 

Who Is The Victim?

David Snodgrass

And Miss Vanessa Fisher

Where Were They Found?

In their respective bedrooms.

Who Is Guilty?

I think it was Miss Marbles and Matron Emily Pushover who killed Snodgrass. Miss Fisher was murdered by Captain Haslet. He was being blackmailed by her. Both the murders were committed for different reasons.

How Did They Do It?

Miss Marbles made Snodgrass’s cocktails very strong and added a few drops of sleeping draught in there as well. When every one has gone to bed, she snuck in and bashed his head with the fire poker. She and Matron carried the body to captain’s room and left it there. Captain Haslet after giving an overdose of sedative to Miss Fisher, took her gun and shot the already dead Snodgrass to throw suspicion on her.

What Was Their Motive?

Miss Marbles carried a grudge against Snodgrass for his stingy ways and the fact that he had banned cocktails. He was always putting her down and didn’t give her enough credit for her detective skills. While Matron was just angry because she had to sell her home to Snodgrass and then work for him.

Miss Fisher was killed because she knew a dark secret in Captain Haslet’s past. He gave her an overdose of sedative and made it look like suicide and hid the rest of the confession letter.

What Was Their Murder Weapon?

Snodgrass was killed by the poker and then shot by Miss Fisher’s gun to confuse the police. Miss Fisher was given an overdose of the sedative.


Here’s my jumbled up story. I hope no innocent party was unjustly accused in the writing of this story.



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