Sunday Poser # 35

Welcome back to week 35 of Sunday Poser

Happy Independence Day to my American readers!

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My question this week is related to Independence Day in the US;

What does independence means to you?

We are lucky that we are born free. We really don’t appreciate the true value of independence! Having said that, for me, the word independence means the freedom to be myself.

Not everyone is or can be their true selves. There are restrictions of society, expectations of people we love, and our self-imposed limitations that stop us from being true to ourselves.

For me, freedom or independence means to follow my heart’s desires as I want. To be free to follow my faith as I want to and to not be beholden to anyone in ways that restrict my freedom. I gained this freedom when I reached the age of maturity. The age when I felt that living my life on my own terms was more important than trying to please people around me. As they say “you cannot please all the people all the time”, so why waste your life trying.

This was what freedom or independence means to me. What about you?

Please share your thoughts in the comments section!

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42 thoughts on “Sunday Poser # 35

  1. I became ‘independent’ at the age of 15, almost 16 due to family circumstances, but that is different to independence. My parents were always happy for me to explore new things but offered guidance and advice where they saw fit. I think I grew up with a pretty balanced outlook on most things.

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    1. That is a young age for being independent, but I guess every culture has its own rules. I’m glad you grew up with a balanced approach towards life. Thanks for sharing your thoughts


      1. I had to be as my sister’s marriage failed after the honeymoon, my Mum was forever going to look after her, and my Dad’s business was in trouble so I was more or less on my own, right slap bang in the middle of my O levels. I came out of it OK though.

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  2. I would totally agree with you, Sadje. And I’ll add that it means to be independent, we are also accountable for our actions as well as responsible for making those things our hearts desire happen.

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  3. The first thing I think of every July 4 isn’t the Declaration Of Independence… it’s that July 11 is MY Independence Day. It’s the day my ex left the state, and my daughters and I were free from the abuse.

    I believe in the freedom to make our own choices about how we want to live our lives. As long as our choices don’t hurt anyone, or infringe on another person’s ability to live their chosen life.

    Unfortunately, too many people want the “rights” of independence or freedom, but forget (or ignore) that with rights, comes responsibilities.

    Great question, Sadje!

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    1. It must be good day to remember, July 11th. I have a different date and different reason to remember! 5th July is my wedding anniversary. It is 36 years today. Some remarkable and some okay years.
      I agree my friend that we have to take responsibility for our choices and be very careful when exercising our right of freedom. Thanks for sharing your thoughts Angie

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  4. Thank you for the prompt Sadje. While I am grateful to this country for many, many, things and grateful for our independence, I look forward to a day when we can truly celebrate equity for everyone in this country. Systems of oppression and discrimination still abound, and need to be dismantled.

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