Weekly Prompts Weekend Challenge – Visitors

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“After one look at this planet, any visitor from outer space would say ”I want to see the manager.” ~ William S. Burroughs.

This Week the Weekend Challenge from partner GC and me is Visitors.

Following the long drawn out months of restrictions and lockdowns, many of us are delighted to welcome visitors into our homes once again. 

Some of us have been fortunate enough to have had wildlife visit our gardens too.

So, this weekend Gerry and I ask you to share images of your visitors, human or otherwise. Alternatively, tell us about them.

As always the choice is yours, please feel free to interpret the flexible challenge in any way you wish using Words, Pictures, Poetry or Rhyme. 

Please tag #Weekly Prompts Weekend Challenge. 



Visitors are given much respect in our eastern cultures. They are said to be a blessing from God. Sharing meals or accommodations with them is supposed to bring prosperity to your home.

But the visitors should also behave in a reasonable manner. My pet peeve are those visitors who drop in unannounced and at very inconvenient times. Like there was a couple who would arrive late afternoon, without letting us know about their plans and we were usually caught napping in those long summer afternoons. Same is the case with late night guests or those who drop on weekdays at meal times.

I don’t want to sound ungracious but a little warning of their arrival would be handy! At least I would clean up the living room or hustle something for tea. You see it’s another Asian tradition that we have to at least serve one meal to our guests. Tea with scrumptious snacks or lunch or dinner if it’s that time.

I love this tip!

But family and good friends are welcome anytime. Because one doesn’t have to present a spotless home or three course meal to them. They can come in and sit in your untidy home and partake of what ever you are having. We sometimes order in if we don’t have anything at home. These sort of visitors are welcome anytime, any day.




33 thoughts on “Weekly Prompts Weekend Challenge – Visitors

  1. I got yelled at by the guards when I leaned against a cannon at a castle in Sweden. They approached me with their rifles and I had no idea what they were saying and I should have been more respectful to their landmark, but sometimes tourists just don’t know any better.

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    1. Thanks my friend. I’ve lived in states off and on for 5 years and people are so relaxed over there regarding visitors. In our culture, we often go over the top trying to entertain our guests.


  2. Oh, I so agree with you, Sadje. I hate it when I have unexpected visitors. It’s thoughtless and selfish to assume that just because someone is at home they don’t have anything better to do.
    Thank you for taking part again. 🙂

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      1. Yes, we do Wednesdays and Saturdays.
        Three years ago when we created the site as a specific prompt site (in addition to our individual sites) we did a Wednesday Word Prompt and a Saturday Photo Challenge.
        Eventually, we combined the challenges to Words or Pictures, anything goes as it were. Gerry tends to write the Wednesday prompt and I generally do the Saturday one. Thank you, Sadje. 🙂

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  3. Well, combining the quote at the top and your statement about visitors, if we do receive visors from outer space, I hope they show up in your part of Asia so someone will show them a bit of hospitality. On the other hand, I hope they give you at least a little warning so you can put a pot of tea on…

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    1. Haha! They never visit third world countries. You must have noticed that they all come to America, most of them also speak or at least understand English too. 😍 But if they do, I’ll be sure to serve them tea and samosas!


  4. Lol at the tip. My pet peeve is mostly when they show up around meal time, mostly because I have only prepared food for our family. It very inconsiderate if they didn’t call ahead.

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  5. Visitors and company for me they are the same. Since the hit of covid are house has been very quite. Are house has always had an open door policy and people loved coming by planned or unplanned. My husband and I are looking forward to that open door again. We really miss people stopping by.

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