Blogging Insights- Unusual Words/ Phrases

Tanya is our host for Blogging Insights


When you use a word/term that you think your readers might not know do you think you should add a link to it, or is it a better idea to let people find out on their own?

I post these questions to further my knowledge and technique of blogging. 

The answers are always a learning experience. 

What do you think of today’s question?


I’ll start by answering your last question first;

I think in the context of Blogging, all questions are relevant and useful. If we ask questions, we learn from the answers.

As for the main question of today, I usually use very simple language while writing. If I use a technical term, it is usually self-explanatory. But sometimes I add a word or two to it by the way of explanation. I think this would be more applicable to people writing technical blogs, like about computer programs or other scientific fields.

Sometimes I come across a reference or name that is not familiar to me and I look it up. It is alright to let the reader search and find the meanings behind words and phrases by themselves. It how we learn. I have learned a lot since I’ve started this blog.

Another thing that some bloggers are conscious of and others aren’t, are cultural references. There are things which only the locals, the citizens of a country are familiar with. These references need more research for other people who don’t know anything about them. If I write about something which is special to my country or culture, I do explain it in detail. Like our Eid festival or the holy month of fasting, Ramadan.

Anyway, blogging is a journey of learning and discovery. Let the new words, phrases, and references be a challenge to us to learn more.

Thank you my friend for always coming up with great and interesting questions each week and for continuing this conversation.



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