Weekly Prompts Challenge – Rear

Sue W is the host of this Challenge

“Never approach a bull from the front, a horse from the rear, or a fool from any direction.” ~ Unknown

Our Weekend Photo Challenge here on Weekly Prompts is Rear

Rear – Bringing something/someone to maturity, back, backend, tail end, hindmost, backside.

This one lends itself to a number of possibilities, and as usual, anything goes, feel free to present the word in any form you wish, photos, stories, poems, or music. In the meantime, GC and I look forward to seeing your choices!

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Weekly Prompts Photo Challenge


I copied this prompt exactly two years ago. The saying was what drew me in. I meant to write a post in response to this challenge but life happened.

Now today I had some free time to go over my draft folder and this caught my eye.

And coincidentally, our new car got rear-ended today. Thankfully I wasn’t driving it and it is fully insured. But it’s a bother to get it repaired. The guy who hit it drove off in a big hurry. My driver wasn’t able to get the number either. A total lack of civil etiquettes.

The first step was to contact the insurance people. That done, now we will wait for them to act. As I said, it was a good thing that I wasn’t driving it. I had gone out earlier to have breakfast with two of my friends and drove myself after a week or so. We have two cars, one is automatic, that is gear free and the other is shift drive. I always get confused when I switch between the two. The one with gears has three paddles and you drive using both feet. The automatic is driven using only one foot. So I make hilarious mistakes when I shift between the two. But I don’t mind when my driver stares at me with concern, thinking that I’m sure to cause an accident the way I drive!

Anyway, here’s to wishing you all a good week ahead, free of hassles and misfortunes.




28 thoughts on “Weekly Prompts Challenge – Rear

  1. Any issue with the car is always a hassle.🙄🤦🏼‍♀️
    We had an automatic and a standard at one point too, and yes, stomping on a clutch that isn’t there, or reaching for the shifter is funny.
    Not so funny is stalling out all the time from driving the automatic too much and getting out of practice on the standard🤪

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    1. Yes it’s confusing for my mind. I’m fairly comfortable with the manual car as it was the sort I learned to drive on. The automatic, I need a few minutes to get the hang of again, after stopping and going in jerks a few times 😜
      We are hopeful that the car will be repaired without hassle. Let’s see.

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  2. Oh I’m sorry that you got rear-ended. Claiming insurance is always a hassle. I’ve never driven automatic before. But I imagine I’ll end up making some hilarious mistakes too since I am so used to the manual now. I’m glad that you managed to dust this one from the drafts and publish it 😃

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  3. Ugh! Car repairs are always such a nuisance. It was rather rude of the fellow who rear-ended you to drive off with out even an apology!

    I learned how to drive on a “standard” with the three pedals and all. I haven’t driven one in years. It was fun but I can see how it’s easy to forget when you switch from one to the other.

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    1. I know, right. If the insurance people come through, we’ll still have to make do without the car for a few days while it gets repaired.
      I am more comfortable with the 3 paddle one then the two. But I do adapt after making funny mistakes.

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  4. it’s really troubling to get into small car accidents like this especially when the involved just run away. and yes, just like you I too get into trouble switching cars.. from the manual to automatic

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