What do you see # 86 – A Roundup


Jump high

Aim for the sky

Gravity will grab you from below

Your ambitions will give you wings

Soar high on these wings

Don’t let your feet touch the ground


Awesome responses this week again from our blogging community. Please click on the links to read their contributions

Kittysverses; There was a man named Dwight

Douryeh; WDYS # 86

Chris Hall; Death or glory

Reena; Demonstration

Maria; I am a wizard

Books and Bonsai; What do you see # 86

Jim; She’s the one

Susi; Liftoff

Eugenia; Perseverance

Jules; Spelling independence

Deb Whitman; What do you see # 86

Michnavs; A million cry

Fandango; The maverick

Carol Anne; What do you see # 86

Hammad; Once a blue moon jump

Jen; Puppetry

Tanya; What do you see # 86

Radhika; Leap of faith

Tien Skye; What do you see # 86

Kritika; Alien world

Suzette; Leap of faith

Dakshali; What do you see # 86

Jude; The font of nature

Goutam; Different

Shweta; The runaway

Happy Soul; A leap

Sangeetha; Heaven in her eyes

My heartfelt thanks to all those who read, commented and shared these posts.

I will be posting next week’s prompt on Monday at 12:00 pm, PKT.

Thanks you for visiting and reading.




39 thoughts on “What do you see # 86 – A Roundup

    1. So sorry to have missed your post, though you did comment on the post separately as well. I’ve included your post in the Roundup. Sorry again.


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