Sunday Writing Prompt- Nanny

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Seems a bit obscure, but the challenge for this week is to make us laugh using the prompt – THE NANNY


Nanny McPhee was one lovely movie about a nanny that was funny and magical. And so was Mrs Doubtfire!

My own experience with the nanny we had as kids wasn’t funny at all. In fact, all three of us siblings disliked her. She was too strict and a bit mean. Thankfully her time with us was short.

I never employed a nanny for my kids or a babysitter. I was both for them and then when I became a grandma, I was the nanny to my grandson as his mom was studying and working soon after his 2nd birthday. In fact, Nani is what we call our maternal grandmother in Urdu.

The fact that as a grandma I enjoyed my time with my grandson more because it is not full-time mothering. Less responsibility and more indulgence. He used to get his way more easily with me. More time to play or getting me too make his favorite treats. But then that’s what grandparents are for, if not for a little spoiling their grandkids?

I cannot think of anything funny to make you laugh, but one thing I am sure all of you who are grandparents or have spend time with grandparents, is that it’s the most beautiful thing in the world, after being parents. The joy is immense and makes to smile just to see their little faces.




30 thoughts on “Sunday Writing Prompt- Nanny

  1. I sometimes wish I was able to be more of a “grandparent”, than a “parent” to Ben.
    My Younger daughter worked as a nanny a few times. She wanted to be a teacher at one point, and she loves children… in small doses😉😂😂

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  2. I’m not that close to my maternal grandmother but very close to my paternal grandmother. She always takes my side and teaches me everything with so much patience (something that my mother doesn’t have XD)

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  3. So growing up we never had a nanny. I don’t think you could find a nanny that would put up with 4 loud and obnoxious kids. I have seen many nanny movies I loved Mrs Doubtfire. I don’t think you could ever convince my dad or my husband to dress up as a nanny though

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