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Does what you read influence or inspire what you write?


Reading does help to inspire my imagination. But since most of my reading these days is limited to reading posts on the blogs I follow, this is where I get my ideas sometimes as well.

A chance comment, the title of a post, or a topic under discussion all can inspire a post. I would include the prompts which are given by different bloggers in this category as well.

I love reading crime fiction but since I’m not a story writer, these books do not create inspiration for my posts. Though some of my very short stories, written in response to prompts can carry the flavor of one of my favorite writers.

There is another type of reading that also inspires my posts. Research articles that I read for information about health, diet or social issues can and are at times source of inspiration for my blog posts.

Thank you Tanya for this interesting question.



42 thoughts on “Blogging Insights – Reading Inspo

  1. Hi Sadje, An interesting answer to an interesting question. I agree with you how I have been spending a great deal of time reading blogs. Inspirational, thought-provoking, humorous, enlightening. I also enjoy non-fiction articles. I believe many of us are kindred spirits here in the blogosphere. 🙂

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  2. Sometimes, but not always, I feel like what you read influences what you would want to write about. For example, I read a lot of nonfiction books that teach something along with philosophical ideas. I’ve found myself writing all about this on my blog.

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  3. I can get a sudden inspiration from just about anywhere… even from what I read. I don’t know what writer can say they are not affected by all around them in one manner or another.

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  4. Yes, definitely! I am a researcher and a lot of my posts and ideas come from research I’ve done or read. And then I also love self-help books so some of that kind of mixes in.

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