Lynn’s Tuesday Picture Prompt # 53

Glen is the host of LTPP

Art(including pictures and images)should evoke an emotional response in those who are viewing them. That’s why art can leave such a long-lasting and poignant imprint within the depths of our psyche

Your challenge or writing prompt is this:

  • what emotions or feelings get evoked or aroused in you when you look at this photograph taken by Lynn

Remember, the goal isn’t necessarily to tell me and others exactly what the picture is.

The creative goal for all of us is “what does the picture evoke in youwhat emotion; feeling; memory or whatever it may be – what does it arouse in you and to share it that with others.

Week 53, also takes us back to Prince Edward Island on the east coast of Canada. The picture is of an old abandoned fishing dory filled with a few fishing or lobster trap buoys. The funny thing about this is, it wasn’t located near the ocean. We found it at the end of a rural driveway out next the road.


Ah, discarded,

Lying here broken and unused

Man is callous and heartless

He throws away without a thought

What has served him for years in faith

Now it lies here crumbling

Its structure disintegrating

As it remembers days of yore

Days of glory and conquest over the waves

Days of fetching food that fed many a hungry belly

My heart goes out to this old dory

As it reaches its end of days

And I feel it deserves some dignity

For all the service it has rendered



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