Blogging Insights- Unusual Inspo

Tanya is the host of Blogging Insights


What are some unusual or out of the way sources of inspiration that get you writing?

How right you are Tanya! Inspiration can come from anywhere and at any time. I get inspired by people watching. Families out and about and how they interact with each other. An old person making their way through life. All these make me stop and think.

One of my Sunday Poser was based on my observation of a man who was looking quite angry and bothered. As I watched him, he reached his car, and all of a sudden his expressions changed to that of smiling kindness as he talked to his daughter sitting there. I wondered that how often we form our first impressions so quickly and which are often incorrect.

My walk also inspires many posts and questions. Nature, its beauty, and its survival instinct have given me many ideas for blogging.

I also write about the problems people of my age suffer from, like weight gain, joint disease, and insomnia. My blog also addresses the issues empty-nesters face and I write about those too.

I don’t know if that is the usual source of inspiration or not, but these are the ways I get ideas for my posts.

Thank you Tanya for your questions about blog inspiration.



24 thoughts on “Blogging Insights- Unusual Inspo

  1. I am learning to be careful of my first impressions. I try to take time to process what I am seeing, hearing, or reading. Not always successful, but getting better at it.
    Inspiration comes from so many places, doesn’t it? Keeps life interesting.

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  2. I often find myself listening to words for a usable phrase or series of words that sound poetic. I can also look at an everyday object (a tshirt, a pack of gum, the way a piece of trash lays on the ground) and hear a phrase pop into my head. Often I take a picture to capture the moment. Good answer Sadje!


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