Sunday Poser # 32

Welcome to another week of Sunday Poser

I think insomnia, specially the occasional type is something most people are familiar with. Almost once a week, there is a night when I just can’t sleep. Last night was one of those nights.

My question this week is;

What do you do when you can’t go to sleep?

I have many strategies to get back to sleep.

A walk, in side my living room and adjacent corridor helps if I am feeling restless.

Drink half a glass of milk and perhaps eat a cookie if I’m feeling hungry.

Pick up my phone and check out the blogs, comments and WP reader.

Think of new blogging ideas, questions for my Sunday Poser and research photos for my WDYS posts.

Play games on my phone. Anything that requires me to think, like sudoku brings on the sleep faster.

These are some of the things I do when I can’t go to sleep at night. Now it’s your turn to share your strategies. Please share your thoughts in the comments section.

Thank you all for reading and visiting.



70 thoughts on “Sunday Poser # 32

  1. What do I do when I can’t sleep? Besides curse the universe for its determined attempts to make me miserable? Figure out the why first. If it’s pain (often), pills are going to be the answer. If it’s not pain, and it’s icky thoughts, maybe journal them out. If I have no idea why, I flip and flop and curse the fates. Or, give up and read something or hit Mexican Train dominos on my tablet. 😊

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  2. When thoughts overtake me because of a stressor (good or bad) in my personal life, it feels as if there is nothing that would make me sleep. My body just has to get tired enough to finally do so on its own. If it’s just that my eyes won’t shut voluntarily, I usually put on soothing nature sounds and try to meditate myself away. That usually works the best for me. On occasion, I’ve tried a trick my physician recommended. If you can shut your eyes easily but thoughts are keeping you awake, try keeping your eyes open against your body’s wishes and it will have the opposite effect. Slowly, your eyes will fall on their own and the body will follow.

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      1. Agreed, Sadje. I’ve known lots of sleepless nights, yet not as much today. Ah, meditation does indeed. And, yes to reading and passing the time. Completely agree. You’re welcome, Sadje.

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  3. Mine is more the opposite problem – staying awake!
    On a rare occasion I have struggled to sleep (usually the first night of my period – I heat some cashew milk and munch a cracker so I can take an ibuprofen). Then I go back to bed and drift away.


  4. Even taking my medicine that makes me sleepy I can still get sleepless nights. I usually try to tackle emails, or play a game or two of solitaire. If that doesn’t work I turn on a little soft music and read or write.

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