In the past week this happened…..

On personal front;

Steps : 13500 daily Average

Sleep: 8 hrs daily Average

Exercise minutes ; 116 daily average

Walking distance; 5.7 miles daily Average

Blogging wise;

Posts written; 23 mine, reblog; 2

Comments; 793


Visitors: 1100

How it felt;

When the week starts, I feel that yes, I have seven days till next Sunday, but I feel in a blink of an eye, it’s already Friday and the week is ending. How fast time goes!!!

Eisenstein said that time is relevant. When we are waiting for someone or something to happen, it crawls very slowly and when we are in a rush or having a good time, it just passes very quickly. We have a saying in Urdu, “that it’s the good time that passes quickly!” Thank God for that.

What I achieved during this week;

Most days were routine and except for doing some blogging, nothing much happened on the first three days of the week. On Wednesday we went to get new glasses for my grandson. He had scratched the old ones beyond repair. We also ate out in the open food court! Great experience.

On Saturday evening we had invited all our children with their families for an early dinner. It was fun and as I had ordered food from outside, there was no hectic food prep in the kitchen.

Well, a new week is starting from tomorrow. I hope it’s a good one for you all. Take care and keep safe.

Thanks for visiting and reading


41 thoughts on “In the past week this happened…..

  1. 13.5k steps on an average. That’s amazing, Sadje. Loved the blog stats too. Congratulations. Do keep going ❤️
    You’re right. The weeks do seem to pass by in the blink of an eye. I’m glad that you were able to meet up with your children and their families. Take care, dear friend ❤️

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    1. Thank you so much Shweta. Blog seems to be doing well these days. I’m glad that they all could come over. It was fun to meet them and for them too merry each other too, as everyone is busy during the week days.


    1. Thanks a lot Punam. Thanks for visiting. I hope you and family are doing well. How’s your son doing? Lots of prayers for you all! 🙏


        1. Take care. Managing type 1 diabetes is just a matter of knowing the carbs in the food. Protein and fat are okay as they don’t need insulin. I hope things get easier for him and you. Aameen

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