What do you see # 84 – A Roundup

All that I possess in this world is here

I roam the city with my world around me, always

I make my home wherever my fancy strikes

A park bench for a resting place, fresh air my environs

My music to feed my soul and to keep my memories alive

A fantastic collection of beautiful poem and stories in response to this week’s image. Please click on the links to read the posts.

Chris Hall; Winter Song

Mason; The humanitarian erhu player

Tanya; Serenity at a bargain

Radhika; Finally at peace

Michnavs; Two poems

Reena; What do you see # 84

Melanie; What do I see # 84

Di; What do you see # 84

Susi; Thoughts with my Erhu

Carol; Music music everywhere

Poetic thoughts; Musical soliloquy

Eugenia; Encore, please

Tessa; Joy

Jules; Instrumental

Jeff; My years

Kritika; Healer

Shweta; The man with the erhu

Suzette; Collection Plate

Tayyaba; Dreams

Roshni; Fading out

Jude; Secrets in the meadow, promises on the beach

Straight from the heart; Melody

Happy Soul; Old age

Fandango; The old man and his erhu

Sara; Hearing History

My gratitude to all of you who read, commented and shared these posts.

I will be posting next week’s challenge on Monday at 12:00 pm, PKT.

Thanks again for your support.




40 thoughts on “What do you see # 84 – A Roundup

  1. Interesting about that park bench as home. Off on an adventure with my hubby (he’ll be working most of the week), but last evening when we arrived we ended up walking to a local store to get some bottled water and the route took us trough this little park that had three different paths through it – several of the park benches looked liked permanent residences for a few of the folks there… though no music was playing. One gent was sleeping – and others were conversing. We wondered if we are getting to old to walk through spaces where, perhaps we don’t belong… it felt like we were invading a private space. So we took another route back. I am sure it exists in our local city… but I don’t see it that much since I don’t go into town that often. The suburbs and surrounds hold most of what I need, when I am home.

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      1. It’s even a little scary when you get approached…. I hear that it is worse in CA where the police don’t really do much about them and even allow them to steal from convivence stores. We had a relative who talked to a small shop owner who lost quite a bit of his inventory that way and couldn’t get any help from the police or the government.

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          1. In CA the store owners are not allowed to confront someone who is stealing less than a certain amount – so the shop keepers are really in a bind. They can see it, but can’t stop it. Because in CA one isn’t supposed to confront the homeless and make them feel bad. CA is a sanctuary state. I couldn’t find a really good, much less any definition. But basically the homeless sort of have free reign – the police won’t arrest them for stealing, begging or pretty much sleeping where ever they want.

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            1. Being a sanctuary state is a wonderful idea. But is anyone trying to rehabilitate these people. In Seattle they built small houses for them and showering area where they could get clean.

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              1. I do not know what CA does. I have read though that some homeless don’t want help… they say that, but I think everyone would appreciate more than just a free sandwich.

                Some places make you accept a belief system you may not really adhere to just to enter the building. Though there are many that only require that one behave and no stealing.

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