Reena’s Xploration Challenge # 178- Revisited

Eugenia is reposting some of Reena’s previous challenges

I am sharing a few of Reena’s previous posts from her weekly challenge on Eugi’s Causerie once a week for 4 weeks. Anyone that wishes to participate in the challenge may do so. I may not be able to comment on your responses, however, I will publish a Weekly Wrap, in keeping with Reena’s blog style. Remember, Reena will be lurking as a participant. 

Reena’s Prompt #178 – Karma Bites

It’s only a matter of time

When what you’ve sent out in the world

Comes back in one form or the other

It can be a reward for the good you’ve done

Or revenge that fate extracts on you

For the misdeeds you have done in your life

Karma is never instant, it takes its own sweet time

But rest assured that karma bites, and strongly too!




31 thoughts on “Reena’s Xploration Challenge # 178- Revisited

  1. I’ve never really witnessed anything like this yet, but I still like to believe that there’s something out there which will do good to good and bad to bad. ♥

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