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Is the blogosphere a source of writing inspiration for you? How?

My answer to this question is, indeed, and undoubtedly I derive my inspiration from the blogging community around me.

Like a lot of bloggers, I do follow many prompts. Words, sentences, situations, and images all serve to prod my imagination and give me the inspiration to write.

My fellow bloggers also inspire me to write when I read their posts, comments, or follow a conversation on my or their posts. Often I would derive inspiration from an idea or a concept when I have a conversation with a friend on the blogging family.

Though inspiration can come from anywhere, the kind bloggers who post daily or weekly prompts are a great source of inspiration for us all. I really appreciate their constant effort because it does take a lot of thinking and effort to post a daily prompt.

Then we see our very dedicated bloggers who remind us about the special days which are celebrated throughout the year and inspire us to not only think and write about these issues but also to act upon them. Days like world environment day, world health day, international women’s day etc.

So yes, the blogosphere provides a lot of inspiration to me, writing-wise, and also enriches my knowledge and gives new ideas for me to live my life accordingly.

Many thanks to Tanya for her weekly questions about blogging.



43 thoughts on “Blogging Insights- Blogosphere Inspo

    1. We all view our blog differently. Some write because they have set a goal to write daily. It doesn’t matter much that people like it or not.


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