Truthful Tuesday- Better late than never

Frank is the host of this Challenge

The Question;

Is “better late than never” always true, or are there times where never would be the preferred option?

While hurrying from one place to another, this is 100% true. Getting to our destination in one piece albeit late is much preferable than never getting there at all!

As for other situations in life, it would depend on what and when.

Homework submitted late is perhaps better than not doing it at all.

Food prepared late would test the patience and appetite of the dinners and it would be better to order in.

Tasks assigned at work would be way better submitted on time but late is still better than never.

Visiting a loved one later than intended is still better than never.

Showing up for a date late may not be better than never if the person you are meeting is a stickler for punctuality. It would be better to not show up at all and feign a memory loss! 😛




32 thoughts on “Truthful Tuesday- Better late than never

  1. I never did my homework and my math teacher told me that I had the highest grades in the class on all the tests, but he had to give me a B on my report card because I never handed in any homework. I figured that homework was for people who didn’t understand the subject.

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  2. Per the work example: A man named Frank worked for me. He had a special talent but was prone to overanalyze. My Boss emailed him directly for an opinion in a crisis. The next week he told me he was ready to reply. I advised him that no reply was better than a late one at this point. It would only remind our Boss that he had not answered in a timely fashion, something the Boss likely forgot during the earlier chaos.

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