Sunday Writing Prompt- Shapeshifter

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Definitions of Shape-shifter:
 “A person or being with the ability to change their physical form at will.” “One that seems able to change form or identity at will; especially a mythical figure that can assume different forms (as of animals).” 

In case you’d prefer something more realistic/relevant, a few suggestions came to mind:

  • Altering one’s own self to fit in

This week’s Sunday Writing Prompt: Shape-shifter


A woman’s lot usually, is to adapt to her circumstances 
Like a shapeshifter, she becomes what is required of her
As her role in life changes, she changes her persona with it
She possesses an ability that most men are denied
It makes it easier for her to play the part life casts her in
But do we ever look underneath all the mantles she dons
Can we see her for what she is, beneath these different guises?
Can we see her for who she really is?




25 thoughts on “Sunday Writing Prompt- Shapeshifter

  1. Wonderful take on the prompt, and great photo!! I often feel like a shapeshifter myself…from partner, to daughter, to mother, to employee, to friend…each persona requires something different. It can feel overwhelming at times

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    1. Thank you so much Sara. This one needed a lot of thinking before I selected my topic. Being a woman means wearing multiple hats. Does hers overwhelming at times.

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