12 Bloggerz- June edition

Rory is the host of 12 Bloggerz

12 Questions

Have you learned anything during the pandemic and especially the lockdowns that has changed your outlook on you, your life and or your personality that is truly significant?

One thing that I’ve learned during this time is that we don’t need a lot. We can do with fewer things and fewer possessions. I’ve also realized how important family and friends are to us. When we couldn’t meet them as usual, we realized their importance in our lives.

In your ideal world or lifestyle, how much sleep do you think you really need to function at your most optimum level and more importantly – do you get your desired amount daily?

I need around 7 hours of sleep at night. I try to sleep early and get up early. This is the minimum amount of sleep that I need to function properly and optimally during my day. And yes I do get this daily.

Are you a thinker, a deep thinker or an active overthinker and if so what do you think about the most and for how long do you need to ‘think’ on a problem before you reach a satisfactory resolve or what steps do you undertake to not think as much?

Not an over thinker, most of the time. I do think about life deeply when I am perturbed about something. I usually find a way to resolve my issues, because I believe in grappling with the problem right away instead of sitting on it. Mostly I turn to my faith in God, and ask His help in solving my issues, if they are beyond me.

What are you most terrified of today?

Terrified is perhaps too strong a word. I’d say worried that the stupid and careless people are going to prolong this epidemic more than it should.

What do you do for fun or excitement to fill your day/days or week?

I blog, I watch movies with my grandson and I play with our new Kitty, Dinky.

Dinky, atop our indoor plant.

What is one of the most important features people should know about you?

People who know me, know that I like to go out of my way to help them. Especially if they need advice on medical issues, I can be relied upon to give sensible advice because of my medical background. I also like to help family and friends in any way I can.

Whilst in recent times much of life has appeared gloomy and doomed – in the last 15 months or so, what have been 3 really good things to happen in your life?

My older daughter earned her doctorate last year

• She and my grandson have come back to Pakistan and have settled well. It’s great to have all my family around me again.

• I am my husband have been vaccinated for covid.

How often do you watch old television series and if you do, what makes for a good viewing on older content in your eyes and do you find that time relaxing?

Hmm…. Almost never. Can’t find the time.

How often do you use herbs in your cooking and which ones are your most favourited and why?

In our way of cooking, we use lots of herbs like parsley, mint, and bay leaves. If I cook Italian food, I use oregano, thyme and basil. I love them all, when used in a proper manner.

How confident are you about taking a vacation/holiday to another destination that would involve air travel?

Not right now but perhaps next year, I’d love to take a vacation, maybe visit Turkey.

Are you a tidy or a messy or somewhere inbetween type of person?

More tidy than messy.

What is the most useless product you have ever bought unwittingly or accidentally thinking it was more practical than it actually was?

A few months back I bought a steamer thinking it would be so useful if I wanted a quick decreasing. But it was a cheap brand and didn’t work at all! It’s still sitting somewhere, reminding me of the money I wasted.

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21 thoughts on “12 Bloggerz- June edition

  1. Haha, hey Sadje, nicely answered – Kitty is certainly Dinky, so very aptly named indeed. I can relate to buying supposedly practical items becoming more of an annoyance than a help. I think we have all done it sadly 🙂

    Thanks for taking part.

    Liked by 2 people

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