Tuesday Writing Prompt -Key to becoming a good blogger

Devereaux Frazier and Beth Amanda are currently hosting the Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge.

Today’s prompt: Write a poem that ends with the word “key


What in your opinion is the key to being a successful blogger?

In my opinion, blogging is all about connecting with your reader.

If you have a niche, the reader/ follower would know that and they would read your latest post to get updated about it.

If you’re a writer of stories or poetry, interested people will be logging in to read them. Whatever you write, the people who feel a connection will be there to read your posts.

How to develop this connection?

There are many ways to connect to your reader;

• Write genuine content, something that is original and comes straight from you. Even a researched post should have that special touch that only you can give it.

• Get to know your readers/ followers. Read their comments, respond to them, and appreciate their interest and effort. Do visit their blogs and even if you don’t follow them, read a post and if you like, comment as well. Getting to know the person behind the blog is important as it develops a rapport with them.

•Content is the key! Never take it lightly. Put effort into creating your content and make sure it is free of mistakes, spelling errors, or grammatical ones.

Remember that it will take time! Nothing will happen overnight, or even in a few months. So have realistic expectations and don’t get despondent if you don’t see instant results.

Don’t compare your blog to any one else’s! Comparison just creates unreal expectations or disappointments.

These are a few points that have helped me in my blogging journey.

Here’s another post of mine about writing, that you may find helpful.

Thanks for visiting and reading.



38 thoughts on “Tuesday Writing Prompt -Key to becoming a good blogger

  1. Thing is, I don’t actually want all~n~sundry to follow me. I mean I do like the connection I have developed to a few kind souls via comments, but I seriously don’t fancy loads of them. Maybe I could take on board and do the opposite to what you’ve prescribed, just to keep the throng of grockles and emmets away. 🤪

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