These 6 Things Will Help You To Remain In Love With Blogging

Reblog; Sharing Renard’s great tips on how to make blogging fun and how to stay connected to it.

Renard's World

Naomi had worked arduously in the area of creating content for her blog; in her sixth year of blogging, she shouted, “I can’t take this anymore!”

Her husband, Jerod, ran in the direction of the living room as soon as he heard her voice ― a loud voice that was filled with the combination of anger, sadness and frustration. “What is the matter, honey?” He asked.

“Blogging doesn’t feel the same,” Naomi said with tears running down her cheeks.

Jerod wrapped his muscular arms around his wife’s petite body and uttered in a concerned tone of voice, “How come blogging doesn’t feel the same for you? You have been doing it for many years, Naomi.”

Naomi blew her runny nose in her husband’s sleeve and said, “Blogging has begun to feel as though I am carrying more weight than I can actually carry upon my shoulders.”

“You probably need to…

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14 thoughts on “These 6 Things Will Help You To Remain In Love With Blogging

  1. Thank you Sadje for sharing this very helpful article .. an yes we all have our moments with blogging … and most of the hints are ones I try to do …. but this is a great reminder to maintain these helpful tips … yes .. we need reminding … we need to be prompted to do so … I have copied the article, and now it’s on my notice board beside my desk … 😀😊😎

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