Sunday Poser # 30

Welcome to week 30 of Sunday Poser

My question this week is;

In your opinion, is the first impression we form about other people always correct?

My answer;

In my opinion, not only the first impression is mostly false but the sometimes the second one too.

We see/meet someone who is angry and we label them as such, without trying to know why they were behaving in that manner. Sometimes we get a second chance and then it appears that there were reasons for that behavior, and the person in question is in fact a reasonable person.

When we make snap judgments, we really don’t know all the facts and are mostly wrong. If we look at this picture from other angle, we can also at times appear to be what we are not in reality.

As each human personality is multifaceted, ascribing them one label is not fair. So I refrain from making snap judgments and try to give people more than one chance.

This is my opinion. What is yours?

Please share your thoughts in the comments section or you can write a post on your blog and link it to this post so that I can find it.

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62 thoughts on “Sunday Poser # 30

  1. I like to think I’m a pretty good judge of character (Hubby says it’s scary sometimes) but I would say No. You never get a second chance to make a first impression, and depending on the circumstances (like meeting potential in-laws, or a new boss) people tend to put on their ‘best face’ which is not always their true face. However, as we talk to people, we can begin to see more than face value.

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  2. Definitely not. In fact, I’d say it’s more often incorrect. When I think about all the men I judged as “nice” after one date and they ended up being jerks, I just shudder. Then there’s the other way… feeling negative toward a person from one glance…

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    1. Yes, you’re so right. In the dating game people put their best face on and it takes time to find what sort of people they are. Thanks for sharing your thoughts Paula

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  3. I’m of the same opinion too. I don’t judge people whom I meet randomly at all, certainly not the first time. There are very few chances that we’ll meet again. In case, we happen to meet repeatedly, their behavioral pattern reveals quite a lot about their personality, based on which I decide if I should stick around or not.

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  4. Wow! That’s a hard one, Sadje. Love this question. I would say that the feeling I get from someone is usually pretty accurate, however, I can usually tell if they are nervous, or if there is something else going on…that written, however, I never create an opinion about someone until after we’ve met several times.

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  5. It’s a bit tricky to make a snap judgment on appearances but I would say that my gut instinct about a person is an indicator for me. I try not to judge but if I get good or bad vibes from them, I usually tend to continue to watch their actions to either confirm or negate what I thought about them. In a lot, not all, cases my instincts have been spot on.

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  6. “Always right”, no. I do generally get a vibe and I trust my instincts. I wouldn’t judge someone by a first impression, but I would watch them for further evidence of my first reaction… good or bad.
    Great question!🥳🌠😍

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  7. First impressions seem to me to be too superficial to make them the whole truth of a person. It takes time to know someone for who they really are. Sometimes, the first impression proves right, but I have found most often, there is more to a person that can only become known with time.

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  8. I think because I have so much anxiety about meeting someone new… I know I am not my normal self so likely they aren’t either. It takes a while to get to know a person.


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