A Repost- Daily Prompts- Almost half a year

SadjeDaily prompts, From the heart, Poetry May 31, 2020

I’m sharing this post from 30th May, 2020. Things are the same and yet different. We have hope now!

abnegate this current way of thinking 

Though almost half of this year has passed

It wasn’t all bad, it wasn’t all stressful 

There have been moments of joy here too

A few celebrations, a few jubilees thrown in

There was a change in our circumstances no doubt

A shift from the normal which most of bore well

For our own good, we adapted to the rules

We stayed away to keep ourselves and others safe

Don’t let that thief of peace steal all joy from you

That sows the seeds of discontent and unhappiness 

Let the inner spirit fight on with determination 

We have come this far and will get through it soon 

Like all other challenges, this too shall we conquer 

In response to the following prompts;




Passed, Normal, Change




For our good

Word of the day challenge;








18 thoughts on “A Repost- Daily Prompts- Almost half a year

  1. Hopefully the end of this challenge isn’t that far away. Hopefully, next year you might be able to do a repost again and express gratitude as to how things have improved or returned back to how they were… Prior to 2020!

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