Let me make my own mistakes

Is there someone always watching over you?

Telling you how you do something, or avoid doing something. All this to stop you from making mistakes!


Tell them you will never learn

From the mistakes, they’ve made

It doesn’t register when it’s not you

I want to make my own mistakes

So that at the end of the day I can say

That I did try, that I took that risk

Mistakes are when we know how not to do things

No one could do it perfectly the first time

Trial and error teach us how to do things properly

So, kindly I say to them

Please let me take that decision

That will teach me how to do it right!


(I am one of those who are always trying to tell my children how to do things better, how to avoid making mistakes. But a chance remark made me realize how important it is for everyone to learn it their own way)



26 thoughts on “Let me make my own mistakes

  1. I know, and yet if we stand back and let them make their own mistakes, they’ll thank us for it later. Sorry for the late reply, this post was supposed to be published today and mistakenly it got published yesterday.

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  2. It’s a pleasant sentiment. However, I feel the better path is to recognise that sometimes it’s necessary to point out errors. If everyone were to learn only from their own mistakes, the world would be in an even more dire situation that it is already. You do teach your children not to run across the road without checking for traffic first, right?

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    1. Yes, you’re right and we do teach ourselves the basics. However this sentiment was shared by one of my kids, when they said that they want to make their own mistakes and to learn from them, just as I did. Thanks for sharing your thoughts

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