Who will listen to my story?


I am thankful for you all for listening to my ramblings

Empty nesters are in a peculiar situation

They have ample time at their hand no one to mother

No one has time to listen to their story or how their day went

It was at such a time that I discovered blogging

I connected with a wonderful community who are always here

I pour out my heart, my stories, and poem on my blog

And I am always sure that out there is someone who is reading

It gives a purpose to my writing and I feel connected

Thank you all who read my writing and listen to my stories




56 thoughts on “Who will listen to my story?

  1. You are so supportive as well. I hear what you’re saying and I feel the same. It really is a wonderful world! Keep writing, Sadje. Even if I am not here all the time I do come back time and time again because our blogging community has become a lifeline to me (and to many others, I suspect.)

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  2. Not an avid fan of poetry tbh, but yours I feel definitely resonates with me. It’s always a pretty cool feeling to see some people have come and gave your blog a chance. It’s almost comforting I’d say haha. Well written !

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  3. I became an empty nester and blogging then BECAME the reason I could actually write. I guess it’s different for everyone. 🙂 But I’m so glad we met here on WP. 🙂 And I promise to read everything of yours that I can! 🙂

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