Dispel the darkness

Reblog; A beautiful poem from Chris Hall, in response to WDYS # 83.

luna's on line

Darkness comes early on these winter days
colour drains from bleached frigid skies
cobalt tints bleed to shades of stone
dripping into gun-metal water
remorseless, brutal
devoid of hope.

Darkness crowds in on these winter days
warmth leaches from dwindling vistas
landscapes recede, horizons narrow
care-free life flutters out of reach
fading to remembrance
of times past.

A glimmer remains on these winter days
a single shaft of sunlight reaches out
to dispel today’s sombre skies
one ray of honeyed promise
for a golden new

Written in response to Sadje‘s What do You See #83 photo prompt.

Image credit: Sadje
The image shows a wooden pier extending into a lake. The sky overhead is partly cloudy with sun trying to peep.

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