Sunday Poser # 29

Welcome back to week 29 of Sunday Poser

The question this week for my readers is;

Looking back, do you think you’ve had an easy life or was it hard?

I have often heard people say that life is hard or that life is not fair.

I have a theory that we all tread a different path in life. Even siblings born and raised in the same home have different journeys. What we go through during this journey is what we need.

I’d say my early life was difficult, hard. Losing my mom at a young age, having a stepmother with whom I couldn’t communicate with were things that left a gap in my early years. But this also gave me the ability to face life on my own. It built up my self-confidence and also strengthened my faith.

In short, my childhood was hard but it prepared me for my adult life. My adult life is good but not easy. I have faced many challenges but due to my training, I have survived them very well.

This is my story.

Please share your thoughts in the comments section.

Thanks for reading and visiting.



60 thoughts on “Sunday Poser # 29

  1. Hard life for sure, but I hasten to add that those afflictions have shaped my compassion and my ever positive outlook on life (which I seem to have been born with). The trials seem to strengthen my perspective on the rich value of life and in sharing positive vibes in the world. Great post and question. Thank you.

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    1. Thanks Suzette for sharing your thoughts. I totally agree that the lessons we learn from trials of life come in very handy for the rest of our lives.


  2. Mmmm. I would say both, Sadje. I’ve had many difficulties, and also easy or simple times. What I understand today is that, that is exactly how it goes for everyone; and, that, in fact, when we are presented challenges, they are presented to us for a reason. I’ve learned more in the past 4 years about myself and all of humanity due to many different challenging times. So much learning. Lovely prompt, my friend.

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    1. Thank you Jeff for sharing your thoughts. Yes, it is an undeniable truth that when we are tested , most of us learn to appreciate the good things of life even more. Being the one who stood firm through all that life threw at you makes you the winner


    1. There’s no need to feel guilty, as we all have different paths to tread and different lessons to learn. A good life is also a good teacher provided that we learn. Thanks Geoff for sharing your feedback


  3. Oh man… my life has been FULL of challenges. There must have been some easy times in there, but they were few, and far between.

    I am thankful for all I’ve learned and the strength I’ve gained. I believe there is a reason why I’ve had so many challenges, and continue to have them. I hope that I am fulfilling my purpose.🤞💕🤗🥰🌻🦋

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  4. I think losing your mother must have been very hard and very painful. I was fortunate to have my Mom until I was 28 years of age and it still hurt terribly. I relied on her wise counsel, support, and friendship.

    I think my life has been good, even with the challenges. It is challenges that help us grow. I try not to live in the past. It doesn’t do any good to complain. (I do complain from time t time but I am much happier when I don’t).

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    1. I love your attitude of trying to live in present and not complain about the past. That helps us to be grateful for what we have. Thanks Carol for sharing your thoughts. ❤️

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      1. It’s not always easy, especially when life is handing out a lot of challenges, but it’s so much better when I simply accept and don’t complain. complaining only makes us feel worst. 🙂

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  5. mine was a mix, and like you, i feel the hard parts helped me to survive and cope when other hard parts came along. my life is pretty easy now, but i never take any of it for granted.

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  6. Hard or easy is relative isn’t it? It is a judgement we throw out to others when we don’t take the time to reflect and we often absorb that same judgment. Best to go forward doing the best we can as we have in the past.

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  7. My childhood was a mixed bag of good and bad. There were fun times but they were often overshadowed by unwarranted brutality. The latter gave me direction in choosing how I wanted to run my life when I left home. My brothers and I all took different roads, one a cop, one an architect, and me the engineer, but we all left the brutality behind.

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    1. It takes a lot of courage to change the direction of ones life and leave violence and brutality behind. Bravo. Thanks for sharing your thoughts Larry.


  8. Being born to two utterly unequipped people to be role models,
    I would say it wasn’t the easiest life during my childhood or
    early adulthood but having kids helped me see what I could do
    better. But even then, it wasn’t easy but I do think it was saner.
    So I guess I would say it doesn’t have to be “harder” if we take
    away some valuable lessons right away. Life, with its randomness,
    will always present us with situations to navigate, but I think we
    need to be able to put our best foot forward in order to have it
    not affect us severely. Having said all that, some days are
    beastly! LOL

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    1. You’re absolutely right Susi! Life is always a combination of both easy and hard and one who learns from difficult times is the one who goes through the rest of the life a bit easily. Thanks for sharing your thoughts my friend.

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  9. For me l find l have two answers.

    Growing up as a kid life was easy. We had whatever we wanted and told our job growing up was to be a kid and have fun. There where social parts to growing up that where very difficult. I was bullied a lot. I grew up a very shy and awkward child.

    Adult life also has had easy parts and hard. I am a firm believer in you reap what you sow. I played a huge part in the hard parts of my adult life. I was a drug addict for many many years. That in turn sowed many other problems across the board. Know that l am in recovery for 3 years life has more easy parts.

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    1. Thanks for sharing your story Lisa. Life is a mixture of good and not so good parts. I think you have done great to beat your addictions and are on the road to recovery. Hugs.


  10. I have had many rough patches, probably the hardest being married to an alcoholic and trying to maintain a “normal” life for my daughter. But I had lots of good points. I came from a close knit family and we were not rich, but not poor either. No matter what, it was the life I was dealt and it made me the woman I am today… and I am pretty happy with that.

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