Stream Of Consciousnesses Saturday- “Roc”

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Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “roc.”Find a word with “roc” in it or use it as a word all by itself. Enjoy!


Yesterday we invited my son and his family for dinner to celebrate my grandson’s graduation from primary to middle school.

We got food from a Thai place. Their best dish was a salad that everyone liked. Broccoli wok-fried salad. It’s a great way to feed broccoli to kids who are averse to eating green vegetables.

When I was in Seattle, I used to get the pre-packaged salad from the grocery store, and those used to be my lunch. Broccoli, rocket, baby spinach, and mixed greens were my favorites. In Pakistan, I don’t get them easily. They’re not commonly used in our cuisine and I have to go to specialty stores to find them.

Well, there has to be a difference between living in a first-world country and a third-world country. Having said that, I still say that there’s no place like home!




37 thoughts on “Stream Of Consciousnesses Saturday- “Roc”

  1. Oh yes, I get it about the difference between living in a developed vs. developing country. I’ve never lived in any other country than the Netherlands, so I am used to having everything on hand readily. That being said, I remember when I was at summer camp in Russia, they already didn’t have as many products available. The broccoli salad sounds delicious!

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    1. We have loads of seasonal vegetables with our meals. A typical meal is some form of meat/chicken/ fish cooked Indian style with either naan/ roti or rice. We have a way of cooking vegetables that destroys all the nutrients in there converting it to “bhujia” If you’ve been to an Indian Resturant , you probably know what that is.

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      1. I eat lots of rice, it seems to be the one carb I can get away with. But back in the day, I preferred chapatis. I’ve bot heard of bhujia, we would have maybe a half-dozen veg dishes available here in a restaurant. A lot of the vegetarian food I will eat now is cauliflower-based.

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        1. Cauliflower is a very versatile vegetable. People have been introduced to our kind of food via many Indian restaurants, some of them are actually run by Pakistani people.

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          1. I always assumed that Indian food in the UK was something very different to Indian food in India. You don’t often ree restaurants here badged as Pakistani, but you do see lots that serve halal, which I guess is an approximation.
            Back in the nasty 70s, the work “Paki” was used as a very racist term for anybody, really, with a brown skin, so it could well be an attempt to dissociate from that.


            1. Yes, that’s probably the reason. Most Indian Restaurants serve halal food because it’s the go to for many Muslims. The food is pretty much the same as original Indian cuisine but they alter the spice level for local palate

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  2. I love broccoli, but my digestive system does not! Even cooked i can only tolerate small amounts. Stupid body🙄

    Interesting about having to go to a specialty store. Even in a major city, things aren’t as readily available?
    I discover more and more how very privileged I am to live in such a diverse area.

    Fresh fruit and vegetables from all over the world are available at the produce markets. Canned & dry foods from everywhere too. There’s even a halal meat shop within walking distance.

    And restaurants… we’ve got just about everything too.

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    1. That’s so true Angie! Living in USA, one doesn’t realize the privilege one has of having everything available everywhere. There are certain stores which cater for such needs and they are expensive. But I’m good at making substitutions.

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      1. Thank you dear friend for the explanation.
        I apologize in lapse of time with regard to reply.
        Trudging (LOL) along daily while usually keeping a smile on my face.
        Thank you for asking me how I’m doing; it’s appreciated 100 percent. 🙂 🙂

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