What do you see # 81 – A Roundup

Closed gate, no intruders allowed
Write your message on the outside
There is no one allowed inside here

A cryptic number you have scrolled
To titillate my imagination, make me curious
I will ponder on your message, from inside

The courage I need to open this closed gate
Is still lacking, I’m still wanting
Please wait for me for I promise
One day I will break the barriers and come out

Thanks to all these fabulous people for joining in this week’s challenge. Please click on the links to read their posts.

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My sincere thanks to all those who read, commented and shared these post.

I will post next week’s challenge on Monday at 12:00 pm, PKT.




27 thoughts on “What do you see # 81 – A Roundup

  1. Sadje – your piece reminds me of those who are trapped within their own minds – but are still trying to find, with the help of the right ‘key’ the courage, strength and ability to come out of their ‘shells’ and live fully.

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