Sunday Poser # 28

Welcome to week 28 of Sunday Poser

This week my question is;

Have you kept anything from your younger days or childhood?

It all depends upon how much one is attached emotionally to keepsakes. It also depends on the opportunity one has to save stuff from years ago.

In my case, I have a lack of both. My father was in government service and we used to get transferred after every 2-3 years. Every transfer meant letting go of surplus things. We used to call it “load shedding”

So by the time I got married, I didn’t have anything saved from my childhood days.

I also have little sentimental attachment to things. Instead of keeping something that I’ve had for a long time, I prefer to give it away so that others can use or enjoy it. I doubt if I have anything older than a few years that I owe personally.

So this is my answer.

What about you? Do you have things that you’re attached to emotionally?

Please share your thoughts in the comments section or in a separate post.

Thanks for visiting and reading.



60 thoughts on “Sunday Poser # 28

  1. Keepsakes are always so so so special.. they have a whole lot of memories attached with them. Yes I do have a lot that I’m attached to emotionally…I have my story books, pencil boxes, my drawing books, photographs, cards of my rice ceremony and mamy more. The list is endless. I have a habit of collecting thing but am not a careful caretaker so I lost some of them IDK..In the time of renovation , I recollected some of them😀.
    Well maybe all those things
    That you love so
    Are waiting in the place
    Where the lost things go.

    Memories you’ve shed
    Gone for good you feared
    They’re all around you still
    Though they’ve disappeared
    Nothing’s really left
    Or lost without a trace
    Nothing’s gone forever
    Only out of place….🤗🤗

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      1. A few I thought I’d lost showed up in my sister’s attic when I went to help clear it out 8 or so years ago. They are still in a suitcase under Forgottenman’s bed. Next time I visit, I will bring them home with me.

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  2. My parents probably still have some of my dolls or stuffed animals, but I only have the stuffed whale I slept with as a child. I do have some reports on me from my childhood stored on my computer though.

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  3. All of my mementos got lost or broken. I miss some of things, like my drama scrapbook, and Christmas ornaments I made as a child, but I’ve had to learn not to be too attached to “things”. I have photos… and my memories.

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  4. I don’t have anything from my childhood days, yet do have some pics of the boys when they were young, and also some creative works from family, which are important to me. Oh, and my books! Haha. Have lots of those. Though, I will say as I get older and continue to develop, I am less emotionally attached to things. Great prompt, Sadje.

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  5. I have my teddy bear, My Guy. My grandfather gave him to me the day I was born. He is in a shoebox, and he is no longer in one piece and is mostly bald. He has been peed on and thrown up on, been my confidant, and has been with me in good and bad times. I just can’t let him go. I have given instructions that he is to be buried with me. Silly? Not to me!


  6. Yes, I do! A teddy bear I got from a family friend when I was 3 yrs. old. It’s missing an eye now and the fur is kind of decrepit but my bear was my comfort back then, so very hard to let go of it.

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  7. Yes I have a few things from my tenage school days, My major subjects were Maths and Science, but I also did art at school too, and still have a painting and an enamel art decor copper bowl…

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  8. Probably too many things. Class pictures, some artwork, special toys, I have a bookshelf full of books and magazines from my youth, I have nonsport trading cards, even a box of stories my friend and I used to write together. I hold on to a lot of physical memories.

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