Block editor- I must admit that it isn’t that bad

For almost a year I resisted using the block editor on my WordPress app.

The reason was that when I tried a few trial posts on it, it felt that too much time was being wasted on doing the routine stuff. The layout was new and different from the classic editor and I had to find my way around it from scratch.

Please, also note that I blog exclusively from my WordPress app on my iPhone. So when I was informed by WordPress through an email that very soon the option to use the classic editor would be taken away, I was resigned to the fact that it’d take me a lot of extra time and effort to write my posts.

Well the day finally came and guess what?

It isn’t all that bad. In fact it’s almost the same but different.

It isn’t as difficult as it was when I tried it initially and my guess is that the developers have made some changes. I can’t say how it is for those using a laptop or a Pc to blog, but for me, it’s working well. In fact, there are some things that are easier to do in this editor like well…. editing.

So I withdraw all my objections to the new editor and encourage others to try it too.




52 thoughts on “Block editor- I must admit that it isn’t that bad

  1. I’ve used it and managed, though it does take more time, because things aren’t where I’d expect them to be as they are in the classic editor, which I still currently have access to.


  2. I use my computer exclusively. There are a few things that take a few clicks more than before, and others that I scratch my head and say, “why did they do it that way?” but for the most part, it didn’t take long to get used to and I am able to everything I did before with no issues.

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  3. I can’t even remember the classic editor😂
    I’ve been using Blocky McBlockster since they told us we’d have to🤷🏼‍♀️
    I use my android exclusively, but I go to the dot com. I don’t like the app as well🤷🏼‍♀️
    I’m glad you’re finding it workable! We shouldn’t have to struggle with something we enjoy!💕

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    1. You’re so right that blogging should not become a struggle or a trial. I like the convenience of the app as everything is right here. The comments, the reader and the place where I can create new posts. I knew that lived adopted quickly to the new block! 👍👍👍

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  4. I am glad that you have got to ‘ it ain’t that bad. I have really got use to it and love it. But at times, when wordpress are enhancing it , it goes a bit weird and annoying. But that soon resolves itself. I have got do use to it, I try to do the same things on Microsoft word ( lol).

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  5. I use the block editor, but it is slower than the old one and the graphic stuff is still awkward. I’ve given up on using any of their “fancy” photo formats. If you make an error, you can’t fi it. It’s easier to dump the post and start over. Since i do a lot of photography, not being able to use galleries except the basic one — that one still works and it’s just like the one we used in the “classic”” format — is annoying. I solve a lot of problems by not even trying to make them work because they don’t work. maybe they will fix them. Maybe they will put functions like graphic size someplace where I can find it because I still can’t find it. i can find all the text stuff, though again, the fancy stuff doesn’t work. Actually, the whole thing of deleting a section and replacing it is essentially broken.

    But I use the format. If all I’m doing is text (rare for me), all goes well. If I want to integrate text and graphics, it starts to become annoying. It it’s mostly graphics, it’s becomes a real tooth-grinder.

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    1. Since I mostly use the text, I didn’t have the problems you have. There is an option or resizing the images in the app, which I haven’t used. I just stick to plain simple blogging.


  6. 😃 Sadje, you had it easy!

    I started using the Block Editor when it was in beta (Anyone who has ever used a product in the beta stage would tell you that it is full of bugs).

    The Block Editor certainly came a long way.

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    1. I know, right. It wasn’t this easy when I tried it a year ago! But there’s another factor here, the fear of the unknown! I think that kept me from using it when it was first launched.

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  7. Yes Sadje I agree, although I do most of my writing on my desktop computer. I have been using the WP block system for a year now, and after a few teething problems, I am finding the system easy to use,with a lot options available as well …😀😉

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  8. There are times that I still get annoyed by it but I think I’m so used to it now that ot doesn’t bother me as much anymore.
    Glad you’re getting the hang of it, Sadje 🙂

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  9. I’ve only had the option to use the block editor from the start on my PC. It is good at quick editing, there are some parts of it I wish I could change like making adding an image a little easier – but overall I’m happy too 🙂

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  10. I’m a desktop PC user. I’ve tried using my tablet to blog, and I hated it so much that continuing meant I would stop blogging. It’s so restrictive compared to the computer. I realize I’m a bit of a dinosaur too. So far I can use the classic block editor and that works just fine for me. I did a lot of editing through various programs like Word and in the day Wordperfect. So the adjustment for me hasn’t been as bad as some others have reported. IF they take away that block classic editor option, we’ll have a problem Houston. I’ve tried using the plain old block editor and I hated it. It’s not logical in my opinion, and the choices are so limited that I want to hit something. I’m very very glad you’ve made your peace with your version of the block thing. I guess that’s what we’ll all have to do to continue blogging here.

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    1. You are a bonafide computer expert and know what you’re doing. Whereas, I am just able to blog from my phone. The reason I started blogging on the block editor was exactly the one you mentioned, it either their way or the highway! Thanks for sharing your thoughts


  11. The mystery is — why do we put more energy and effort into resisting a change than it would take to make the change? I also resisted, I think because the “new” system resembled an outdated internet editor that was a true horror. I’m perfectly satisfied now with the block editor. Good for you!

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    1. I had the same question! But I guess most people who hated the new editor were like me, who has tried the block editor when it was initially introduced. At that time it had lot of glitches.

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  12. Exactly – it’s not difficult to use, just different. I disliked it at first, but I gave in and spent some time using it in a test post in my draft folder. I also watched and read some tutorials from WordPress on how to use it. I can’t tell you how much those tutorials helped me to get the Block editor better.

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