WQWWC # 24 – Beauty/ Mother’s Day

Marsha is the host of WQWWC

This week Writer’s Quotes Wednesdays takes a look back at beauty and Mother’s Day. Remember you can take this beautiful topic anywhere you want to take it.

This week it’s a combination of two beautiful topics. Beauty and Mother’s Day.

While it’s nice to look good, real beauty resides in our souls. There’s an old saying that beautiful is as beautiful does! I firmly believe that a beautiful face cannot compete with a beautiful soul, heart.

When we are conflicted within ourselves, the light of our spirit diminishes and we become lusterless. The brightness of our true belief in ourselves shines in a beautiful way when we are being true to who we are meant to be.

For Mother’s Day, I have these lovely quotes which honor the selfless devotion of mothers.

Truly, a mother is the heart of a family. She is often the glue that holds the family together. The beauty of this relationship is very hard to explain and only experienced.

Rarely will you see a mother who gives up on her family and children. She would show extraordinary strength when she fights for the rights of her family. I know that not every woman who becomes a mother is that strong but most moms are our superheroes.

This quote really speaks to my heart. A mother is the first teacher of her child. She raises them with love and kindness, imparting these qualities in her children as they emulate what they see. She is also their guide to the moral and spiritual side of life. When a woman chooses the role of a mom, she is bound to impart the knowledge of what is right and what’s not to her children.

My respect and deepest regards go out to all the wonderful moms, and mother like figures out there, being superheroes everyday.



42 thoughts on “WQWWC # 24 – Beauty/ Mother’s Day

    1. Thanks Angie! As I wrote in here, not all who become mothers are good at it, as you know from your experience, but some like you who are wonderful mothers and grandmothers have all my respect! Hugs. ❤️💖💗

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  1. Sadje, you write the most thoughtful, reflective posts. I love your quotes especially the one about mothers not being the ones without struggles, but the ones who don’t give up. Of course, the part about mothers as the children’s first teachers is very dear to my heart. I think you must be one of the superheroes, Sadje. 🙂

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    1. Your kind words are much appreciated. I know the loss absences of a mother can cause and try to be the best I can be. But I’m sure my kids have a list of times when i failed.

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      1. They probably do, Sadje, but not from a lack of you trying to do your best. They will appreciate you so much when you are old and then when you are gone if that’s any consolation! How old are your kids?

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