MLMM- Sunday Writing Prompt – Beautiful Mistake

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Welcome back to, Sunday Writing Prompt!

The prompt I chose for this week resonates with me for many reasons, as I’m sure it does for others. But, even if it doesn’t, hopefully it gets your creative wheels turning. 

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I find the term, Beautiful Mistake very intriguing in its complexity. 

Did you choose the wrong partner, but developed boundaries and self-confidence that prepared you for the right one? 

Did you accidently knock your coffee over your written manuscript, but when you re-wrote, it turned out even better? 

Did you take a job you ended up hating, but made a new best friend? 

Today’s Sunday Writing Prompt:Beautiful Mistake


I regret nothing 
The mistake I made, led me to you
If I hadn’t taken the wrong turn
Or was on time, this never would have happened
But they do say that everything is destined
Even if our meeting was not accidental, it would have happened
So I need not worry that I might have missed
The best, the happiest coincidence that happened to me
Because though it was a beautiful mistake
It was always meant to be




26 thoughts on “MLMM- Sunday Writing Prompt – Beautiful Mistake

  1. Was it a beautiful mistake, you spilling your heart, and your love drowned my soul? Was it a beautiful mistake, your heart seemed a lovely river; but time made me discover, your love is an ocean! My two cents added, to your lovely share!

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  2. I’ve often thought, what if I left 5min later, chose a different route or restaurant. What if I didn’t respond to that “hi” on a dating site, or declined an invite to a get-together? What if I moved…who would I meet, what job would I take? Miniscule choices are major in the grand scheme. Fantastic take, Sadje!

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  3. Terms like beautiful mistake and screaming silence are fun to work with… I am sure the type of word has a name but I don’t know right off the top of my head what it is. You did a wonderful job with beautiful mistake!

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