Blogging Insights- Year of the pandemic

Tanya is the host of Blogging Insights


How do you think this pandemic year has been for blogging in general and your blog in particular?

Blogging is one activity that can be done when one is home bound and alone.

I was visiting my daughter in Seattle when we were informed that the city will be going in 2 weeks of lockdown. Everyone knows how these 2 weeks extended into months and then more than a year of covid restrictions.

Blogging saved me from boredom. It helped me stay connected with my online family and gave me something to do with the free time I had on my hands. In short, it turned the enforced inactivity into a great pastime.

My blog grew in followers as many new people started blogging. Though I curtailed my posts from a minimum of 4 to 3, the traffic and visitors increased.

Blogging during the pandemic also brought the community closer. We connected on a more personal level with each other and shared our concerns for each other’s safety and their family’s safety. Exchanging notes on getting the covid vaccination too.

The down side was that we saw a few very loved bloggers, leaving the blogosphere. They were either overwhelmed or had some personal reasons for not posting on their blogs but it was sad to see them no more. I miss Becky and Punam most. I hope to see them back.

Thank you Tanya for this opportunity to take a look back at the last year and assess how it was.

Thanks for reading!



53 thoughts on “Blogging Insights- Year of the pandemic

  1. 🙂 I also agree that the COVID-19 pandemic has brought the WordPress community closer.

    It was nice to read your thoughts via the “Blogging Insights” series.

    Do enjoy the rest of your day, Sadje.

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  2. 1. For me part of the pandemic has been finding my voice on social media. I love blogging. Time though I think to add Facebook and Twitter and LinkedIn to my blog.

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  3. My blog certainly changed over the year. I look back and wonder how I managed.
    I miss Becky too. I had a few people drop out, some had health things and I hope they’re all okay! I’m happy to see the people who stayed. Too bad we’re all so far apart. I *still* forget you’re on the other side of the planet, not just up north a ways😉💕

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  4. Yes it’s funny isn’t it? Once in a while, you think on and say, “that’s funny. so-and-so has not posted in a while” And of course in the current world, you wonder whether they are okay. And the weird thing is, we are just left dangling, we cab’t do anything, can’t know anything… I have one person in particular, I last chatted with them in October, and… I just hope they are okay.

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  5. Some years ago, I wanted to take down my blog. Just thought that I’ve accomplished enough as I’ve been blogging for so many years already. But something stopped me from doing it and I’m glad I continued on because it’s a form of therapy for me. Being able to write and read the posts of others. Always excited to read what other bloggers have up too.

    I followed this one blog during my early years here in WordPress. I’m a bit sad that the author has not been active anymore. The blog is still there, but no new posts. I continue to hope she returns.

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  6. I agree with all the comments. Blogging really does bring us together and that has made a big difference to my mental wellbeing and happiness. That one downside though, when people just disappear. I can think of a few. I just hope they’re safe and well.

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  7. Well said, Sadje! I agree blogging has brought us more together, especially during the pandemic. It’s concerning when fellow bloggers seem to just disappear and we don’t know the reason. We can only hope they are safe and sound.

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  8. Oh, this got me teared up Sadje…we’ve lost a lot of really great bloggers here and i missed them. Yes, Punam is someone i would gladly wanna see back, Gina too..😔😔😔

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  9. Did it?

    Did it bring the community closer together? I don’t think that’s not true, but l don’t think it’s entirely true either – from my perspective l wouldn’t have said it brought a community closer together and in some ways l saw a community divide.

    I saw individual groups come closer for short periods and drift off again – l did see some relationship bonds cement tighter but only a few.

    This is an interesting topic as is and l wonder if those that are more social saw a community tighten up as opposed to those of us who are not so social?

    Good answers to the questions Sadje 🙂

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    1. Thanks Rory! The people I interact with, are closer now than before. We are sharing more of what’s going on in our lives. It’s true that some people disappeared and I feel their absence.

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      1. Hey MaSadje – you see now, that is reflective interpretation isn’t it?

        An example – l have always written in an open fashion about my life, but when you first began, you did not – you are not 100% open now as in 2021 – but since 2020 you personally have shared more about your life and your family. I have watched you develop as a person, as a blogger. I have watched our own virtual friendship develop more.

        You are still a private person, but through your writing to display more of who you are.

        Now that is also part and parcel of the blogging journey – you learn to relax more and ‘chill’ more with your readership.

        I have watched this happen more with individuals, but not on a community level, l have seen a community – the community – become a different place – l have always been a community player virtually, more than l would be socially in real life – but in the last 18 months, l have not felt the community become closer, l have seen more of the familiarity breeds contempt concept in play which is strange, and yet it has happened.

        I have watched as virtual sociality has blossomed, because covid has forced more people online than before and social has been restricted to online presence and in so doing people have at first reluctantly shared more – and yet that is the very nature of social media – people share more – so what l have seen is blogging become more like that of social media than of blogtging.

        As said it is an interesting topic 🙂

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        1. You’re right about me sharing more about myself as time has passed. It has a lot to do with gaining confidence and , yes relaxing more. That’s growth on a personal level and as a blogger.
          The community is as effected with isolation as the individuals. Personally, I haven’t seen contempt, but I have seen people feeling down or depressed due to it.
          Yes, it’s an interesting topic!

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  10. I definitely blogged more during the first few months of lockdown/pandemic due more free time. I really appreciate the new followers to my blog.

    I find it hard to keep to a posting schedule like some blogger. So my posts can sometimes be infrequent.

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    1. Posting on a schedule is important because the ones who follow your blog would know when to expect your post. But it’s not a must because it’s your space to do as you like. Thanks for visiting


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