WritePhoto- – Swan

KL Caley is the host of WritePhoto

Welcome to the weekly #writephoto prompt!

Ever capture a moment in time, I think I did just that below – a look between the two – no human words were uttered yet the image means you know something is happening.

I can’t wait to read your entries with this one, I think it could prove a lot of fun! Or just a name of a pub – haha. Enjoy.

The Dog and the Swan – KL Caley

For visually challenged writers, the image shows a swan in grassland staring at a small dog with a red collar.


Oh no, you again!

How many times I’ve told you not to cross my path. Now you need to slowly step back and be gone. I won’t warn you again!”

The little dog looked totally unimpressed by the swan and its threats. He looked back at his owner questioningly as if awaiting instructions.

The boy grinned back at his dog and nudged him on, “come on Oscar, you aren’t afraid of a skinny swan, are you? Let’s be on our way”

The next moment lived as a blur in both their memories.

Later on, he told his dad that the swan attacked both of them ferociously and they both had to turn tail and flee for safety.

Next time they took a different route for their walk!




31 thoughts on “WritePhoto- – Swan

  1. What a nice story about caution. I have to say swans very rarely attack though. I’ve been fortunate enough to be trusted by a mum and dad and surrounded by their cygnets at the river. Even Lucy dog hasn’t provoked an attack. That said they can get aggressive when provoked so the caution is well placed!

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