Three Line Tales 274

SONYA is the host of Three Line Tales
three line tales, week 274: a stack of newspapers

Welcome to Week 274 of Three Line by Mr Cup via Unsplash


Newsprint is going out of fashion as few people bother with it anymore.

The stack of fresh newspapers are left waiting for a customer by the curbside

I bought a stack for using in my packaging, I got a very cheap deal!




23 thoughts on “Three Line Tales 274

    1. I liked doing crosswords and reading the comic strips. But nowadays, the newspaper is just so full of negative news that I just stay away. Though my husband has to have his daily paper.


  1. And to think I lugged heavy bags full of folded papers on my route for years. I don’t think kids now days aspire to be a paperboy for extra pocket money? Cell phones helped kill that job.

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  2. That is the truth, yet I am a holdout, Sadje. 🤣 I still get a local paper every day and pick up a NY Times on the weekend sometimes. Like books, at least for today, I like to hold the paper and read it when I have time. Fun post, my friend.

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  3. I see newspapers when I go to certain restaurants. As far as I know no one is selling them like you purchased them. I don’t miss them but I should. I spend a ton of time reading blogs, but none of them are focused on local events.

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    1. I didn’t see many people reading newspaper in Seattle. Over here it’s still a thing with our generation, the ones younger to us have shifted to digital media.

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      1. I never was good at taking the time to read newspapers. This is silly, but they were so awkward to hold and fold, and I always got blank ink all over me – hands, clothes. So I prefer digital.

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  4. Although I don’t subscribe, it is hard to think of a world without newspapers. I had a paper route growing up and have fond memories of some of the customers on my route. Although now I understand they have eliminated weekly collections which was the part that was the hardest… people were rarely home.

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