What do you see # 79 – A Roundup


The beauty created by the setting sun and clouds in the sky

Just takes my breath away with its vivid colors

A scientist can easily explain how the graduations form

When the rays of the sun filter through the atmospheric obstructions

But no one can explain how it effects the heart and mind

Of an onlooker, who stare at this amazing sight, spellbound

What joy it brings to those fortunate enough to observe

Miracles of nature, every day around us


My heartfelt gratitude to all those who participated in this weeks prompt. Also I am grateful to everyone who read, commented and shared these posts.

Anisha; Embers

Chris Hall; Day after day

Di; What do you see # 79

Michnavs; Perfect spot

Lauren; The final resting place

Reena; Powered directions

Melanie; Lighthouse dreams

Susi; In my view

Jim; I give it ten more years

Anita; What do you see # 79

Radhika; Artistry

Goutam; The Lighthouse

Lady Lee Manila; As the light flickers from the lighthouse

Books and Bonsai; What do you see # 79

Happy Soul; Surya

Jeff; Home

Eugenia; Navigating thoughts

Erlyn; A beautiful sunset

Larry; Move to port 10 degrees

Paula; Filling the niche

Jude; Layers, journals of the sea

Kittysverses; An another day

Jules; Grounded

Aseem; Existential crisis

Suzette; Flamingo sky

Fandango; The lighthouse

Sa; Blessings of the unknown

I will be posting next week’s challenge on Monday at 12:00 pm PKT.

Thank you!




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