Sunday Poser # 26

Welcome to week 26 of Sunday Poser

This week my question is;

Which human trait inspires you the most?

We all think differently and admire different qualities in ourselves and others.

What really inspires me the most in another human being is sincerity. Unfortunately, I don’t meet many sincere people in real life. So when I meet someone sincere and honest, I try to learn from them as much as I can.

Sincerity can be visible in a personality in many forms. Some of them are;

A kind and caring personality

Being honest in word and deeds

There is no disconnect between their actions and thoughts

They are genuine people.

As human qualities go, these traits are the best there are.

Have I been able to cultivate these admirable qualities in my personality? I am constantly trying. And with effort, I have had some success in emulating them. I try to be honest and avoid giving false impressions regarding my capabilities to others. I care about how my actions or words can affect others around me.

Still, it’s a work in progress!

Please do share what traits inspire you in others?

Thanks for visiting and reading.




41 thoughts on “Sunday Poser # 26

    1. You’re right, that it’s difficult to choose just one. I think trust comes off honesty and kindness just makes it easier to trust someone. Thanks for sharing your thoughts Di

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  1. Kindness for sure. Every one of us is just trying live our lives. We all want the same basic things. We have more in common, than differences of culture or religion, etc. Treating each other with kindness, we’ll learn new things and possibly make new friends.
    Also, we never know when a little bit of kindness could change someone’s life, or at least make their day better.

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  2. I do love that you are drawn to sincerity, Sadje. I think that is definitely an admirable human trait and as you said, rare. When you find them, hold on to them! But I think I’m inspired by those people who have a seemingly bottomless supply of strength and endurance. Hardships, while I know they occur to everyone, are still amazingly difficult to get through at times. So, for those who can survive and even thrive through them, they are the ones I look up to.

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    1. Thanks Susi. Strength and endurance are very inspiring traits. They give us hope that we too can survive in difficult circumstances. I appreciate your feedback.

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  3. Honesty. I have only known a couple of friends that could be truly honest and open with me. I was raised that if you did wrong, you disappoint me, but if you are honest about it and tell the truth it will be ten times better than lying about it and eventually getting caught.

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