Blog Series Questions- Game 3

Rory is the host of Blog Series Questions

How many social networking platforms are you committed to for ‘social coverage’ for your written and published blog content? [Whatever your genre]

When I started my blog, I linked it to a Facebook page that I had specifically created for it and to a Twitter account. But with the new Twitter policy regarding child pornography, I disabled my Twitter account. The Facebook account still is linked to my blog and every post I publish is automatically displayed there. But I seldom find time to promote my account or even visit it. So on paper, I have a social media account linked to my blog but practically, none.

How far ahead do you have planned or scheduled content to be published on your blog or are you more of a ‘in the moment’ type of writer?

I schedule my prompt post, WDYS at least a couple of weeks ahead, and my daily posts, at least one day ahead. On a good day, I can write 4-5 posts and pre-schedule them and then I relax. Some days I am running behind and those are “in the moment “ type of writing days.

How long are you ‘in/on’ your blog for daily?

I read and answer comments on my blog throughout the day. It would be hard to say how much time I am “on” it but it feels like at least half my waking time. Usually, I write my posts for the next day before going to bed.

Are the social niceties of being LIKED important to you?

This question was inspired by Ian Kay of Moon Is Rising

Yes, I like when people like my posts. I am not too nice in my requirements and am easily pleased. A like to my mind shows that someone visited my post, maybe read it and liked it. Sometimes they like it to show that they were here. It’s a morale booster to see how many people have liked my posts.

Similarly, if I am rushed for time, I’ll leave a like on a post that perhaps is too long for me to read at the time to show support. A post which has no likes, is a sad post. 😜



18 thoughts on “Blog Series Questions- Game 3

  1. Nice read Sadje, it’s a morale booster definitely that people read, what I write…
    And I love to read through your blogs .. all your write ups are such good reads ❤️ many take aways too for me personally 😊

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    1. Another blogger shared her concerns and I checked! They were allowing some child pornography in the name of art or something rubbish so I too disabled my account.


  2. I have just my blog. Quit FB, I’m on Twitter but never look at it. I do like Instagram, sometimes I put up when I’ve added a new post. The older I get the more anonymous I want to be which is counterintuitive since I’m blogging as part of a desire to get a book published. It’s mostly a -day- in -the -life stuff, but my spin on it.

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