It happened!

So it finally happened! They updated my WP app, automatically and now I have to use the dreaded block editor. I was afraid that it would take me a lot of time to compose a post on it but that’s not the case. Perhaps, because I don’t do any formatting after I write my posts. Anyway, now I am in the same boat as the rest of the community. So much so for the smug feeling that I still have my classic editor!

It’s not that difficult as I imagined. And maybe I’ll be able to work with it.

So what’s the verdict?

Wish me luck!



47 thoughts on “It happened!

  1. I really hope you’ll keep blogging. I still use the classic editor most of the time, because I usually use my PC to create my posts. However, on iOS, the block editor isn’t as much a pain in the behind as it is on my PC, given that on PC my screen reader flat out refuses to cooperate with it.

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  2. I move back and forth between both editors. Slowly slowly they have removed a thing or two. Thinking maybe …. just maybe we wouldn’t notice. 😦

    There are a couple of nice things with the Block, but I find myself having to start over and over.

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  3. Well, they finally got to you, too, huh? I’ve been on it for almost a week and I’m getting the hang of it. No doubt you will too, as like me, you don’t do anything real fancy in your posts…at least not format-wise. Take it from “Grandpa Fandango,” you will manage.

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  4. I would never go back to the classic. What I love about block is that you can move things around without cutting and pasting. You can see all the text editing tools at the top of each paragraph rather than at the top of the page. It’s much more efficient. 🙂 You’ll grow to love it.

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