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How comfortable are you with change? 

As you said yourself, Tanya that change is the only constant in life so it is wise to accept change as an invariability. The fact of the matter is that I like most changes. It breaks the monotony and brings something new.

How often do you like to change your blogging style or the topics or format of your blog?

I have made a few changes to my schedule this year. I have stopped posting on the daily Prompts which was something I loved to do but it was a bit stressful for me. And besides, it would increase the number of my daily posts to four.

That’s another change I consciously made to reduce the number of daily posts. I think too many posts affect the quality of writing.

I also introduced a weekly question, Sunday Poser as my second prompt. It is a fun way to connect with my readers.

As far as the blog theme and layout are concerned, I make no changes there. Why fix something that ain’t broke. I do change my header once in a while but I think it’s been more than a year since I did that.

I think there has not been a change in my blogging style. At least not consciously. I may have changed unknowingly! The topics are ever-changing as I use a lot of prompts in my writing.

So here are my views about change.

Thank you so much, Tanya, for another thought-provoking set of questions.

Thanks for visiting and reading.




37 thoughts on “Blogging Insights – Change

  1. I used to post every day and participated in challenges. These days it’s just my thoughts twice a week. I think the quality of the posts has improved, and I am enjoying writing more. It amazes me how some bloggers, like you, are so prolific. How do you find the time?

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    1. I enjoy your posts but I miss your prompt, in five lines or less.
      I have a lot of free time and I pre-schedule my posts. Thanks for reading my friend.


  2. I agree with some of the others, you have become more confident in your writing. Your blog is very organized and reflects your personality so no need to change what works! Keep up the good work, Sadje!💖

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