Friday Fun – Bent

Kate is the host of Friday Fun

Friday Fun – bent

ok keep it family friendly … but this tree has me intrigued!
how did this tree in the middle of Black Rocks campground
get so bent and twisted 

get creative … writing, photography, poems …
get creatively bent; share it back here and read others!


I am bent over backward to make you happy

Yet you pick on every little thing and be unhappy

I tried my dear, I did my best to be the light in your life

But I give up now my love as I understand that

The only person that can make you happy

Is YOU, yourself!

( Don’t put the onus of your happiness on others, only you can be the one to decide to make your life joyful)




23 thoughts on “Friday Fun – Bent

  1. For me I see me in this picture

    Oh how twisted and curved these branches are
    Strongly implanted in the ground
    Reaching out to protect everyone
    Just like me
    firmly planted in the ground
    Reaching out to help everyone

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