Blog Series Questions- Game 2

Rory is the host of Blog series questions


As a blogger how important to you is creativity in your blog?

As I follow a lot of prompts, creativity plays a major role in creating posts for them. So I guess being creative is one of the important requirements for me. However, the question and answer post doesn’t require and creativity, just honestly.

If you could describe your blog in one sentence only – what would you write?’

My space where I share my poems, stories, and views.

With the content you produce for your blog are there topics, genres, or styles that are favored more by your readership audience than others, and if so, with everything you do produce what are your top 3?

I don’t know what will appeal to my readers in respect to my posts written in response to various prompts. Sometimes a post written in few minutes evokes a great response and sometimes a post where I’ve worked long and hard at, receives a lukewarm response.

The two weekly prompts, What do you see and Sunday Poser are the ones that are usually very well received.

Which is your preferred reading in the main – books, blogs, or other and what genre?

This last question was inspired by Lauren of ISS Attitude of Gratitude

Mostly blogs, nowadays. But if one of my favorite authors brings a new book into the market, I’ll read that in a jiffy. These days my time is divided among my family and grandchildren so reading time is a bit limited. I’m hoping when the in-person schooling starts again, I’ll have more time to pursue my reading.




21 thoughts on “Blog Series Questions- Game 2

  1. 1. For me I am starting to see the importance of creativity in my blog. This is one place that I can start to explore my creativity
    2. Freeing
    3.Free to express yourself or ask questions
    4. Not sure my blog is still so new.
    5. I prefer Bloga

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