5 Things- My favorite canned foods

Tanya is the host of 5 Things

This week Tanya wants to know what are our favorite canned foods.

Fruit cocktail;

One of my favorite desserts to make is fruit trifle. And I have a very quick and easy recipe for it. All I need is a pre-made cake, a big tin of mixed fruit cocktail and some custard. It has earned me praise on many dinners.

Garbanzo bean( Chickpeas);

I love chickpeas in any form. I make chickpea rice with a tin within 15 minutes. When I want to make hummus, it so convenient to just open a tin and viola, it’s done in a jiffy.

Sweetened condensed milk;

If you’re a fan of masala chai, you should try it with a little sweetened condensed milk. It gives it the authentic flavor. I use this milk for making desserts too.

Tomato purée;

In our Asian style cooking, tomatoes play a vital role in curries. So when in a hurry, tomato purée cuts the cooking time by half.

Sweet corn;

We all love sweet corn. Buttered or just tossed in a salad or pasta. There are so many ways one can enjoy this.



20 thoughts on “5 Things- My favorite canned foods

  1. I really learned to appreciate canned corn during a Summer Solstice ceremony that involved corn. Trying to get corn off the cobs, at the beach, so it could be used as “offerings” for the Native ceremony was labor intensive!

    Most cans have pull-top lids now too. We don’t even have to struggle with a can opener😉😂💕

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