Sunday Writing Prompt, Apr 18/21 – For Better or for Worse?

Sara is the host of Sunday Writing Prompt

Lovely sentiment, right? A common “vow” said at every wedding I’ve ever been to. But, here’s the kicker…almost every couple I’ve witnessed marry are now DIVORCED! 

That brings me to this week’s word challenge: DEALBREAKERS

This could refer to family, friends, spouses, employers, landlords, politicians, someone annoying you on social media, even the weather…sky’s the limit! 

What is your threshold, your non-negotiables, where do YOU draw the line? 


What’s the deal breaker, you ask

Let’s lay down the rules before we get involved

Lying to me is off limits and so is trickery

Look towards another woman and you can say goodbye

I will let you have time with your buddies, cronies

But never forget occasions that are important to me

Birthdays, anniversaries all noted in the calendar

Gifts, surprises, and luxury trips are my expectations

Open heart and a wide open bank account

Each and every whim of mine you should indulge

As for me……

I am gifting myself to you my dear and that should be

The greatest deal maker for you my dear! 😜




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