Share Your World – April 19, 2021

Melanie is the host of SYW


What was the last TV show you binge-watched?   If you don’t watch TV (congratulations by the way) what’s the last thing you binged ON? 

Normally I am not keen on TV, but there are a few series that I watch on Netflix. The last one that I watched was “The Crown”

I had watched its first two seasons previously but then they went and changed the main cast. I guess it was the need of the story. But I didn’t watch season 3 when it came out. So when season 4 was released last year, I put it on my” to be watched later” list.

My son and daughter-in-law started watching season 4 and they were full of praise for it. So I watched both the 3rd and 4th seasons in a couple of weeks. It was good.

What’s your most prized possession and why? 

In my worldly possessions, I think my iPhone is the most precious to me. Not like the ring was to Gollum in LORT but pretty close.

I don’t count my family as my possession but they all are precious to me.

My blog is also very precious to me too. I have more than 5000 posts on it now and I am very proud of myself for achieving this target.

If you had the time and inclination, what would you volunteer for? 

I would like to volunteer in an old people’s home. And I plan to when things are less chaotic.

Do you think that humans will ever be able to live together in harmony?

We live in the hope of achieving world peace. Things aren’t looking all that rosy right now but it’s our duty to work towards this noble goal. Maybe our future generations can see humanity living in peace with itself.

Gratitude Section (As always, Optional)

Share something uplifting with everyone.   It can be some writing or an image or photo you like!   Thanks! 

I got my second shot today. This is a Chinese vaccine and most people have not reported any symptoms after the second shot. Yay!

As I wrote earlier, I have crossed 5000 posts on WordPress.

My family is doing well and all are safe from the dreaded covid. Though we’ve had a few scares. I am hoping that my children will all be able to get the Russian vaccine when it is available here.

My bougainvillea is blooming nicely.




40 thoughts on “Share Your World – April 19, 2021

  1. Glad you have been able to get your vaccines all done!
    I like your thoughts on the last question. Hopefully someday there will be peace and harmony.
    Love your gorgeous flowers and leaves. ❤

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  2. It is a good feeling to have the second vaccine taken care of! Your flowers are beautiful. Yes, hopefully, there will be peace and harmony in the world. I think it starts with family. If families can’t find peace and harmony, there is little hope for the world at large.

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    1. You’re absolutely right about peace starting with family itself. It would be a great indicator of how things are.
      Thanks, it is a relief to have got the vaccine.


  3. Wow! Pleased to read you got your second dose, excellent. Two more weeks for me. Congrats on the posts. Phew, that’s amazing. Oh, I love the bougainvillea. We had those in our backyard when I was growing up. Beautiful.

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  4. I hope you’re right and you get no symptoms from the 2nd shot. I read also that as we age, our immune systems don’t put up as robust of a response to vaccines, so the horrible reaction Daughter had, and many others that are younger and got early vaccines, may just be because they’re younger.
    Definitely nice to know it’s done and you’re protected. My 2nd shot is on the 30th.

    I got a picture of you hunched over your phone like Gollum🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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    1. I plan to get antibodies tested after 2 weeks. To see if the vaccine was effective or not. It is a weight off my mind now that I am vaccinated.
      Haha! My precious! 😜

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  5. Wow, 5,000 posts. Well done, Sadje. I am pleased your vaccination has gone well with no side effects. I love the crown, an excellent TV choice. I am the same, would love to volunteer at an old people’s home but time and circumstances won’t allow it at present. I do however participate in postcards of kindness, this is an initiative to help people in care homes feel a little less isolated. I try to post a postcard or letter once a month and have been lucky to have some wonderful responses too. Highly recommended. KL ❤

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    1. Thank you so much KL. I loved how they handled the Diana and Charles marriage in the 4th season of the crown.
      It’s at least on worry off my mind that both I and my husband have been vaccinated.
      I wish there was such a scheme in my country , like it’s in yours. Over here one can volunteer to be physically there at the home. Maybe next year would see me doing it. 😍💖

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  6. Thanks, Sadje for Sharing Your World! The flowers are beautiful and it is a blessing that you can experience such beauty right there as you do! Good luck with the vaccine, I can say that once it’s accomplished there’s a feeling of security and peace that’s amazing! I’m glad your phone isn’t quite what the ring was to Gollum. He got obsessed, and obsession is rarely a good thing! Have a fabulous week!

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    1. Thanks Melanie!
      Yes, obsessions are never good. There’s a sense of relief that I’ve been vaccinated, finally. I hope you’ve a great week too. 🙏


  7. 1. New Amsterdam from season 1
    2. I know this is not an item, but the most important thing in my life is my family
    3. No this question I live in the dream world of saying yes.

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