What do you see # 77 – A Roundup


I want to capture a spark of your light

And keep it safe, bottled up, near to my heart

When the dark tries to overtake my life

I give it a shake and take courage from its brightness


This week’s image generated an awesome response from our community. Thanks, everyone for participating. You can read the posts by clicking on the links.

Chris Hall; Your light still shines

Lady Lee Manila; Light and hope

Radhika; Etching our destiny

Michnavs; Flicker

Erlyn Olivia; Fireflies

Cheryl; What do you see # 77

Reena; Repression

Melanie; What do you see # 77

Fandango; Message in a bottle

Susi; Childhood daze

Di; Leading lights

Jules; Youthful summer

Aseem; Keeping him in her memories

Eugenia; Night moves

Douryeh; WDYS # 77

Jeff; Sprite

Liana B; Who dares to capture the light

Jude; One thing we must never lose

Suzette; fireflies

Books and Bonsai; What do you see # 77

Irma; An insignificant birthday

Lauren; The magnificent art creation

Happy Soul; A jar full of hope

My heartfelt gratitude to all those who have participated, commented, and shared these posts.

I will be posting next week’s prompt at 12:00 pm PKT.

Thanks for reading.




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