Tuesday Writing Prompt- Justice and Equality

Devereaux Frazier and Beth Amanda are currently hosting the Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge 

Today’s prompt: Write a poem on justice and equality.


There can be no justice, nor any illusion of justice

If all are not treated equally, without prejudice

“A society that is cruel can survive but not a society which is unjust”

The Lofty ideals we aspire to would crumble like dust

If our treatment of each and every citizen is not equal

The law, the rules, the way everyone is treated

Has to be meted our without favor or prejudice




29 thoughts on “Tuesday Writing Prompt- Justice and Equality

  1. Justice and Equality

    Before I begin to answer this question I needed to look up a definition for them both. Justice means just behaviour or treatment. Your behaviour or treatment is genuine and true. Also to me, it means fighting for rights. Equality means the state of being equal, especially in times of status, rights or opportunities. Equality is something that you achieve. Justice is an action you fight for. With justice, you can be fighting for equality.

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